PET plastic bottle characteristics and applications

2018-10-31 09:30:32 count:879

PET plastic bottles are characterized by light weight, high transparency, impact resistance and non-fragmentation, and are easy to transport. They are used for oral liquid preparations and oral solid preparations without final sterilization.


First of all, the polyester bottle is light in weight, easy to form and firm in the bottle. The strength and elasticity are obviously higher than other raw materials. It is suitable as a medicinal plastic bottle PET bottle with thin wall, light weight and high strength. It has been used in China for 40 years and its development momentum is rapid. In the past two decades, it has become the most important liquid and solid packaging container in the country. In the application of the pharmaceutical packaging field, the PET bottle weighs only about 1/10 of the glass bottle in the same volume of the drug; the same diameter of the PET bottle has 1.5 times the capacity of the glass bottle. It is also possible to use PET raw materials to make transparent or opaque brown bottles with a variety of colors and beautiful appearance.

Secondly, medicinal PET plastic bottles have good gas barrier properties. It has excellent performance in blocking water vapor and oxygen, and can fully meet the special storage requirements of pharmaceutical packaging. It has excellent chemical resistance and can be used for packaging all items except strong alkali and some organic solvents.

Worldwide production of polyester is growing at a double-digit rate. The medicinal PET plastic bottle made of polyester as the main raw material has become the most mainstream medicine, health care product and food packaging container with its stable characteristics and good transparency.