Traveling, how to use the bottling correctly

2018-10-31 09:14:59 count:878

Have you tried the following methods? If you haven’t tried it, try this out and save a lot of space in your luggage. It’s also very heavy.

1. When using the travel bottling, in addition to disinfection, you need to grasp the amount of the emulsion. Choosing the right bottle to pack, combined with the time of travel, how much to dispense. It is best to grasp the amount that needs to be added in the bottling bottle according to the number of travel days. It’s been a long time to put a bottle back and put it back for a long time. It’s not only wasteful, but it’s not very desirable. Because it is a bottled emulsion, even if it is disinfected, pay attention to it.


2. After disinfecting the travel bottle, open the bottle cap of the bottle. When opening, pay attention to the weight and weight according to the operation requirements.

3. After the emulsion is dispensed into the sub-bottle, the bottle should be covered and sealed tightly to prevent filtration. In addition, you need to identify accordingly, so that you know what is installed in the bottle to facilitate the search.