Is the profit of plastic caps big?

2018-10-31 09:14:59 count:877

For many plastic bottle manufacturers, the method of pursuing maximum profit has been growing and acquiring a larger number of orders in the past; the profit of a single or a small number of plastic caps can be said to be minimal, so for manufacturers to achieve more A large amount in exchange for profit and living space is the best choice; therefore, a vicious circle has also formed in this industry, and the right to speak such as the pricing of bottle caps is determined by the downstream industry;


How to improve the profit of a single cap is also a problem that many manufacturers have been thinking about; in many cases, the anti-counterfeit cap is the most profitable inside the cap, but the correlation with the cap is not high. To improve the profit, it must be guaranteed. The cap has a breakthrough in patents, with uniqueness and industry threshold;

In the case of bottle cap manufacturers, this is not easy. Now the emergence of mobile internet technology has given everyone a basis to achieve certain breakthroughs through the Internet of Things and increase the added value of caps.